Lyrics & music written by Leo Nicholas Lemon (1983)

[instrumental intro-chants "HU HU"]

Sometimes, we as close as can be,
Sometimes, we seem so far (away),
Don't truly know your destiny,
I just follow my star.
Don't really know what you're all about,
I just know, I no scream, I no shout.
I enjoy the peace and quiet of nowhere,
And nowhere is all about.
[instrumental break-electric guitar solo]

There is seemingly no space of my own,
I justa' go, justa' go, from one to another,
Like a dog without a bone,
Rollin' and rowin' on to me home.
I no shout or pout or scream!
I enjoy the tranquil nowhere,
And nowhere is all about my dreams.
[instrumental break-chants "HU HU"]

Like an empty shell          man,
I be plain, I be bland,
I fade away like a nowhere land,
And there's no need for me to stand,
It's marked in the lines of me hands.
I just know what a few things about,
I don't know how to bring myself out,
I like a lizard on a hanger,
I like a fouled one-banger,
I don't know what it's all about,
I just know I have a falling out,
It seems we move too far,
I just follow my star,
Into nowhere,
Into everywhere,
Into Ek.
[instrumental (guitar & chants "Hu Hu") outro]

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