Slyder now has two full length rock CDs available for purchase.  The debut
CD  Lost Babies (November 1999) is on sale for $10 (plus shipping & handling). 
Slyder's second CD  Open Channel (December 2001) is also on sale for $10 (plus s&h).
You can check out the songs at Slyder's  MP3 sites as well as view the artwork,
lyrics, PICs & credits. If you enjoy classic rock, you'll love these CDs. 
Thanks & ENJOY!
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Slyder's Lost Babies CD.
album coverSLYDER: Lost Babies

Soulful, no frills rock music, varied textures dripping of melodic riffs and heartfelt vocals.

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Lost Babies is still being duplicated in house.  CDRs are not compatible with all DVD players, however it plays in most CD players.  Should you have problems send me an e-mail and we will remedy the problem.  I'm hoping to duplicate this CD later in the year.
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Open Channel was duplicated at Oasis, using single speed glass cutting to insure optimum hi-fidelity.  This CD sounds great in all players!
album cover
album cover
album cover